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DeepDyve introducing ‘Cloud’ access models?

Posted by sarahw9 on 27 January, 2010

I’ve just been reading about a case study of the University of Westminster who it is claimed could save £1million by using the Google Apps education edition, so all its students and staff use google docs, email etc.  At the same time I was reading about a new pay per view approach to accessing research papers launched October 2009 via the search engine Deepdyve (which specialises in scientific, technical and medical papers).  Users of this model can read but not download papers as often as they wish for a 24 hour period for $0.99 each.  Publishers such as Oxford University Press, Sage, Taylor & Francis, Wiley-Blackwell can be found there.   There are also subscription services, so for $9.99 users can get 20 free articles a month and for $19.99 they can read unlimited articles.  The search engine also includes open access papers which can be viewed of course for free.  The search engine offers the usual services of email alerts / RSS feeds and interestingly you are invited to copy paragraphs of text into the search box “No need to come up with the perfect 2-3 words. Simply paste an interesting article into the search bar and click!”.  DeepDyve have recently partnered with CiteUlike so their users can also rent articles directly from DeepDyve.

Whilst this is probably aimed at researchers outside of the conventional channels to accessing research literature, I can imagine that lots of post graduate students and academics might be tempted to pay 61p on an occasional basis just to save the trouble of filling and and signing forms which give them free access to journals via traditional document supply.  Then again perhaps signing up for an account is just as much hassle.  I wonder what take up they will have, and what new publishing models could be coming soon?

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World Cat Local and ILL – a paper review

Posted by gazjjohnson on 11 December, 2009

Thanks to Keith for pointing me in the direction of this article WorldCat Local implementation: the impact on interlibrary loan.  Following on from a demo of WCL the other week, and with my ILL hat on, this is obviously of some interest to me.  Like us the University of Washington seems to have had a fairly steady state if high level of ILL requests to deal with over the years.  Like us not all of their information resources weren’t locatable via a single interface, which they suggest meant that most end users didn’t get as far as requesting an ILL to satisfy demand.

With WCL it seems that the system searches across all e-only and print collections, and if it is unable to retrieve an item flags up the ability to place an ILL.  This raises a question with me, knowing that a small but steady stream of users fail to search effectively before placing an ILL that is actually available locally (or via e-resources).  I can see that with a WCL implementation like this the big advantage for readers is that they are made more aware and able to seamlessly place pre-populated item requests. 

This will doubtless lead to an elevated number of requests being placed, of which my concern is that the same proportion will be of items requested inappropriately.  As we do check every item to see if we can satisfy the request from local collections, this might well have an impact on workflows.  Washington reports a 92% increase in loan requests placed, which is by any measure a phenomenal rise; although interestingly article requests did not significantly rise.  interestingly 17% of items delivered were never actually collected by their requesters.

The university did commit an additional 2.17FTE staff to deal with this increase (at 52,000 students and staff UoW is around twice as big as Leicester).  Interesting to note as well that with more items being requested, a broader spectrum of venues were used to source these requests.  It doesn’t take a big stretch of the imagination to see that as more institutions set up WCL (or similar) systems, that this means an increasing demand on research rich non-British Library collections like our own.  One final note in the paper was that resolving requests resulted in increases of 82% 07-08, and another 36% in 08-09 in terms of overall ILL costs to the institution.

Overall a very interesting case study, and while one can admire the increased service to the user community of the integrated searching, as an ILL member of staff I must of course reflect on the impact of increased demand on delivery of the document supply service.

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Documenting my morning

Posted by gazjjohnson on 19 August, 2009

As I’ve mentioned earlier from the 1st of October I’ll be switching jobs to managing the repository and the document supply teams (or as they will be then the Document Supply & Repository Team, aka DS&RT).  While this date is a few months off, I’m already increasingly getting myself involved with the team and offering them what support I can. 

It is of course a big learning experience for myself, having never worked directly with inter-lending before.  So as a result of this, and being a very much activist learner, I’ve spent the morning shadowing one of the experienced members of the team (Marilyn) as she goes through their daily routine.

There was a lot to remember, and I have to say I was very impressed by her efficiency.  It looks like while a lot of the Document Supply role is routine in nature, there are many disparate elements to the job.  And this is even before I find out more about what we do with Distance Learner support!  There are also a healthy number of queries which thankfully I’ve been able to take a back seat to while the more experienced members of the team answer them.  Doubtlessly in time as I become embedded with the team I’ll be able to answer them myself, but right now I think that there would be a lot of very confused people out there if I took a hand.

Thus all in all this has been a very eye opening experience.  There was a lot to take in, quite a few things I’m going to need to think about some more and some very useful questions raised.  It might be a daunting prospect taking on managing such a diverse section at a time of real change for them, but I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in!

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Hail and farewell…or not

Posted by gazjjohnson on 27 July, 2009

There comes a time when you know you need to move on.  And following a job interview today, well that time has come for me.  I’ve learned a lot and shared some valuable experiences with the team of information librarians at Leicester, and I hope in part I’ve been able to show them a thing or two.  Or even three.  But soon that will be behind me.

But don’t despair blog readers, I’m not going far.  Actually literally.  I’ll be moving around 15 feet to my new post as our Document Supply and Repository Manager, bringing my experience of repositories, projects and service delivery into focus with a bigger team.  It’s going to be a challenge, and frankly I’ve a lot to learn.  But once again, I know my team will have something to learn from me.

Even if it’s only to occasionally read the blog posts!  But for now, I’ll be continuing in my current post as we agree a handover date for me to move finally to my new home.

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