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Sign of the times

Posted by gazjjohnson on 7 August, 2008

Just come out of a brief brainstorming for the new digital signage that will be gracing the library’s Help Zone shortly.  Very productive meeting with a lot of ideas of what we could have up on this sign; ranging from the key information (when are we open, rules and regs) to highlighting resources and staff members ready to enable the learning/research experience here.

It will be interesting to see how easy this system is to use, as some of our ideas went a bit beyond the text on a screenparadigm.  The background system driving it isn’t a MS product, which is interesting – I’ve only ever used hands-on ones that used PowerPoint as their core display system; with all the usual foibles of using PP intact.  I’m hoping this might make doing some of the other stuff (moving images, split screen, timed dependant information) a heck of a lot easier on the staff who’ll be running it.

More news on this in a couple of weeks as the hardware is installed.

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