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LRA and the role of the information librarian

Posted by gazjjohnson on 6 January, 2009

Wearing my LRA hat this morning, and working through the pile of correspondence that Keith has passed on to me.  There’s one here from my old associate Talat Chaudhri at Aber Uni concerning “acquiring work for archiving and subject librarians” that makes for interesting reading.  Interestingly it seems at Aber that the subject librarians don’t have a whole lot to do with the process, as their contacts are used for “other ppurposes”.

I know it was a similar case when I was the repository manager at Nottingham; though I spent a lot of time trying to get the subject librarian teams on side and involved in the process.  With varying degrees of success.  I’m still trying to get a picture of what my collegues here at Leicester do, but I do know that most of them have alerts and the like and use these as the stimulus to approach academics for material.

That said having done a study late last year on the coverage of our major alerting databases and academic output I’m well aware of the major holes in their coverage; which means we’re missing quite a bit of material.  I’m hoping to explore links with the Research Office to perhaps plug that gap, making the whole process more systematic.  I do worry though that this might risk cutting the info librarians out of the loop, and I believe that their involvement in the LRA is a key factor for promotion, uptake, as well as acquisition of articles.  Doubtless I’ll have more insight as I get to grips with the situation here at Leicester over the coming weeks.

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