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LRA Top Accesses for January 2011

Posted by gazjjohnson on 2 February, 2011

This month sees a notable improvement in access to the LRA, and a dramatic increase in the number of page views. Two things strike me as I look at the statistics this month. Firstly the top item is possibly the single highest individual monthly access since records began.

Chatting to the author and Prof Graham Shipley as I shared the good news it transpired that Prof Shipley shared the handle on the Classicist global mailing list, which accounts for the two peaks of access. The second thing I notice is the broad spread of items from all Colleges; especially heartening to see the strong interest in Arts, Humanities and Law based materials, which represent proportionally the smallest collection on the LRA. 

  1. Delos: Investigating the notion of privacy within the ancient Greek house (Burke, Samantha) (2381/8947)
  2. Female Fandom in an English ‘Sports City’: A sociological study of female spectating and consumption around sport (Pope, Stacey Elizabeth) (2381/8343)
  3. Design of Flight Controllers based on Simplified LPV model of a UAV (Gu, Da-Wei et al) (2381/3879)
  4. Writing up and presenting qualitative research in family planning and reproductive health care (Pitchforth, Emma et al) (2381/309)
  5. Social inclusion, the museum and the dynamics of sectoral change (Sandell, Richard) (2381/52)
  6. Saint Christopher Wall Paintings in English and Welsh Churches, c.1250-c.1500 (Pridgeon , Eleanor Elizabeth) (2381/7964)
  7. Teaching presentation skills to undergraduates: Students’ evaluations of a workshop course. (Colman, Andrew M.) (2381/537)
  8. The Impact of Labour Turnover: Theory and Evidence from UK Micro-Data (Garino, Gaia et al) (2381/4441)
  9. Aspects of speleogenesis in the Carboniferous limestone of North Derbyshire (Beck, John Salisbury) (2381/7561)
  10. The propagation of VHF and UHF radio waves over sea paths (Sim, Chow Yen Desmond) (2381/7444)
  11. The molecular characterisation of narcissus latent virus and Maclura mosaic virus (Badge, Joanne Louise) (2381/8993)

It’s worth highlighting that the joint 10th item on the list is the 700th thesis added to the LRA, which was actually added at the request of Dr Jo Badge herself early in January via the EThOS scanning service.  As I celebrated this fact on the social networks, it’s perhaps little surprise that it has such a high level of access so early in its availability (although it could just be that Jo writes a good thesis!)

I should add, that if any of our local academics did their thesis at Leicester then we can arrange to have it digitised via the British Library’s EThOS service.  This is a limited time offer that may well expire come Sept this year, so get in touch with sooner rather than later!  The process takes between 10-30 days, and we will need the author to sign a consent form in order to allow us to progress the request.

A little change in the lower end of the top 10 countries of access is about all we see though in terms of the geographical spread of access.

  1. United Kingdom
  2. United States
  3. India
  4. Germany
  5. Canada
  6. China
  7. France
  8. Malaysia
  9. Italy
  10. Australia

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