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Most Accessed LRA Items (July 2012)

Posted by gazjjohnson on 1 August, 2012

After a break for a month or so while we sorted out some underlying problems with our stats module, we’re back with the top 10 LRA items for the month of July 2012.

  1. New insights into the crustal structure of the England, Wales and Irish Seas areas from local earthquake tomography and associated seismological studies (Hardwick, Anthony James) (2381/8615)
  2. Mobile technologies and learning (Naismith, Laura et al) (2381/8132)
  3. UKCoRR – At the Heart of the UK Open Access Repository Landscape (Johnson, Gareth J.) (2381/10872)
  4. TEM studies of microstructural evolution in creep exposed E911 (Qin, G. et al) (2381/4740)
  5. The Relationship of Principals/Directors’ Leadership Styles, as Perceived by the Faculty, to the Job Satisfaction of the Faculty Members in a Public University of Punjab, Pakistan (Amin, Muhammad) (2381/10774)
  6. The challenges of insider research in educational institutions: wielding a double-edged sword and resolving delicate dilemmas (Mercer, Justine) (2381/4677)
  7. Social inclusion, the museum and the dynamics of sectoral change (Sandell, Richard) (2381/52)
  8. Facebook, social integration and informal learning at university: ‘It is more for socialising and talking to friends about work than for actually doing work’ (Madge, Clare et al) (2381/9016)
  9. Development of Advanced Ferritic Steels for High Efficiency Power Generation Plant (Qin, Guixiang) (2381/9944)
  10. The Development of Nurture Groups in Secondary Schools (Colley, David Rodway) (2381/10132)

And I’ll try not to look too happy that in this, my final stats report, one of my own papers has shown up in the list. The power of positive use of social media again to promote, and the power of open access to enable readers beyond the publisher paywall to access the text.

In terms of the countries that have accessed LRA items the most, the top 10 looks like this.

  1. United Kingdom
  2. United States
  3. India
  4. Germany
  5. Australia
  6. China
  7. Canada
  8. Malaysia
  9. Japan
  10. France

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LRA Top 10 Items: July 2010

Posted by gazjjohnson on 2 August, 2010

Here are the top 10 accessed items on the LRA in the past month

  1. Antisocial personality disorder: An evolutionary game theory analysis. Colman, Andrew M. et al (Article)
  2. The Impact of Labour Turnover: Theory and Evidence from UK Micro-Data Garino. Gaia et al (Report)
  3. Advanced control of photovoltaic converters. Liu. Ying (Thesis)
  4. Lead-free soldering alloys: microstructure optimization for electronic applications. Belyakov, Sergey  (Thesis)
  5. Succinct DOM. Delpratt, O’Neil et al (Conference Paper)
  6. Electrofinishing of metals using eutectic based ionic liquids. Abbott, A.P. et al (Article)
  7. A Study of Solidification Structure Evolution during Investment Casting of Ni-based Superalloy for Aero-Engine Turbine Blades. Dai, Huijuan (Thesis)
  8. Saint Christopher Wall Paintings in English and Welsh Churches, c.1250-c.1500. Pridgeon , Eleanor Elizabeth (Thesis)
  9. Measuring the outcomes and impact of learning in museums, archives and libraries: the Learning Impact Research Project end of project paper. Hooper-Greenhill, Eilean et al. (Report)
  10. Social inclusion, the museum and the dynamics of sectoral change. Sandell, Richard  (Article)

Interestingly once again all are full text, which given that the LRA is ~ 40% full text currently is by no means guaranteed.  However, it seems that our metadata tagging of metadata only items is helping searchers discriminate between bibliographic entries and those where they can actually read Leicester’s research.

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