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Librarians Information Literacy Annual Conference Cardiff ’09

Posted by sarahw9 on 1 April, 2009


 I’ve just come back from an all too brief visit to the LILAC conference (Librarians Information Literacy Annual Conference) at Cardiff University.  Sadly I could only be there for a very short visit, but its still great to hear about everyones ideas and developments, and I came away with lots of ideas. 

 For those who either were or weren’t there, the #lilac09 Twitter stream has lots of interesting snippets and comments tweeted live during the sessions. 

There was a heck of a lot more I would have love to have heard and seen, however from my brief visit the following will stay with me:

  • Andrew Walsh from Huddersfield University talked about how he has experimented with mobile phones during his information literacy sessions.  I absolutely love the idea of using mobiles during classes.  It can also feed into the ‘text a librarian’ service at Huddersfield (as a way of making sure they know about it).  I wondered what the benefits of using mobiles were compared to clickers, as most of the uses seemed to related to polling people.  It seems like clickers have less technical problems and problems with take-up.  There is something slightly more fun and personal about the idea of using phones though. 


  • Patricia Iannuzzi emphasised how we must align ourselves with the percieved needs and trends of Higher education as set out in policy and government reports – so that its the influencial people and not us librarians saying information literacy is essential. 


  • Leslie Burger gave an inspiring talk on how information literacy changes people lives, focusing in information literacy and digital citizenship from her background in public libraries.  This made me realise how the work of libraries in all sectors overlapp – public libraries have seen the students we later have in higher education, who then often will go back to public libraries.  It was also interesting to hear that public library membership is at a record high in the US (contrary to what you might expect). 


I also gave a paper ‘Using Web 2.0 to Cultivate Information Literacy within a Medical Ethics Course’ on the PLE project here at Leicester.  We ran simulataneous twitter debate – although in truth all the people there with laptops already seemed to be twittering, so perhaps there was no need to ask them to! Its interesting to see what people pick up on, in this case people picked up on the issues around getting students to comment on each others’ work for the blog and wiki during the project.  The reasons are partly that this particular set of students already comment face to face in their sessions, and also as they don’t like to be seen to be ‘criticising’ their colleagues.  We will be looking at this as we develop our resources.

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