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Who’s using what to access our repository?

Posted by gazjjohnson on 11 November, 2010

I’ve oft quoted that since our repository began that at least 5 accesses have been with the Nintendo Wii. I had a meeting this afternoon to talk open access and educational resources with the delightful Terese Bird of the BDRA (on Project SPIDER business), and the topic came up. She posed the question about m-devices, and how often they were accessing the LRA’s resources. Gotta confess I had no idea, but I went away to find out. The results are below (for the last year since 11/10/2009 to date)

O/s of people accessing the LRA (Nov 09-Nov 10)

  1. Windows 90.57%
  2. Macintosh 7.15%
  3. Linux 1.57%
  4. iPhone 0.26%
  5. (not set) 0.16%
  6. iPad 0.09%
  7. iPod 0.06%
  8. Android 0.04%
  9. SymbianOS 0.03%
  10. BlackBerry 0.02%

Well colour me not very surprised that the vast amount of accesses are via Windows PCs (although I’d be interested to know how that Windows/Apple split matches up against supposed market shares in academia!).  M-devices are, as I expected, fairly low (around 0.5% in total). 

O/s of people accessing the LRA (Nov 08-Nov 09)

  1. Windows 91.61%
  2. Macintosh 6.69%
  3. Linux 1.29%
  4. (not set) 0.23%
  5. iPhone 0.09%
  6.  iPod 0.04%
  7. SunOS 0.02%
  8. SymbianOS 0.01%
  9. BlackBerry 0.01%
  10. Android > 0.00%

Now when you compare it with 2008-9 figures over the same period you get ~0.15%, so the latest figure is a tripling of access by mobile devices in a single year.  What do I expect to see by this time in 2011?  Well getting on for around 2% – or a much more dramatic rise?  I suspect the latter as iPads and the like make their way out into the market more.  Which means in terms of developing our repository, the use of m-devices needs to be a consideration – not an overwhelming one yet, but certainly one that we take very seriously.

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