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Fame for Keith

Posted by gazjjohnson on 13 May, 2010

Keith NockelsI can’t let this pass unmarked, but if you look in the latest CILIP Gazette (online here, 6th May 2010)  you will find the regular My Week coloum has been written by our very own Keith Nockles. Nice to see one of our team of staff getting some much deserved public recognition, well done Keith!

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A feed to follow

Posted by gazjjohnson on 13 January, 2010

The David Wilson Library has set up a twitter feed where news from the library will be tweeted.

Likely of use to academics, students and administrative staff alike

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Terms of REFerence – workshops and news from HEFCE

Posted by gazjjohnson on 28 April, 2009

Those of you interested in the preparations for the REF (which with my LRA hat on I’ve been somewhat involved in here at Leicester) will probably be interested in the following publications from HEFCE website

The second of these makes for an easier read, though those of you very interested in the REF will find a lot of information in the ProVCs workshop papers.  I must confess most of that paper covers areas that I’ve got very little interaction with, interesting though the insights into the thought processes at that level might be.

David Sweeney’s presentation though gives a rather thorough examination of why we need the REF (or something like it) stemming from the lessons from the RAE 2008, from the funders’ point of view.  And if the funders think it is important, then those of us in HE need to think about it a lot as well.

From what I’ve seen so far – it’s either going to be very, very complex in gathering the data, esteem factors etc and take a lot of  staff time to support.  Or it’s going to end up being quite easy for most people, but a fair amount of work for a very few administrators.  Role on the June workshop at Kings to tell us more!

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EThOS Moves to Beta testing Phase 2

Posted by gazjjohnson on 20 January, 2009

A quote from the EThOS press release this morning:

EThOS goes into the second phase of beta testing phase this afternoon (20th January 2009). This means that you will now be able to order theses from and, should researchers request theses from your institution, you will be requested to send them to The British Library for digitisation.

You can read that news in full here.  Naturally this may cause more excitement for our document supply colleagues, but I thought you might all appreciate being brought up to date.

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