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Give the Gift of Open Access

Posted by gazjjohnson on 2 December, 2009

Thanks to the RSP for developing this handy poster promoting open access and depositing in your repository

Click on it to see it full sized.  Has any one thought of a good way to use it?  I’m  a bit short of walls myself.

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A challenge – what are the three best articles about open access ?

Posted by gazjjohnson on 16 November, 2009

What are the three best articles on open access? 

Not the ones that I might like but the key ones that I should/could/might get my academics to read. 

Not necessarily ones that will have them convinced or arch-evangalising left right and centre, but ones that really give a rich overview of the topic.  Ones that even bring some academic rigour to the discipline, some facts and figures as much as hearts and minds.  Ones, like the THE, that take a look at all the stakeholders and try to offer a dispassionate overview (or as dispassionate as it is possible to get!).

They don’t have to be peer reviewed, they can be reports, they can be briefings, they can be conference papers – they just have to be accessible and credible.

And here’s the trick – they have to be available, in full-text in an open access repository!  Suggestions welcomed and indeed warmly invited – but no more than three per commenter!!!

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