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One Collection (of theses) to rule them all!

Posted by gazjjohnson on 30 November, 2010

Over the last few working days I’ve finally had the chance to create a collection of all the electronic theses on the LRA.  You can view the collection (sorted by title) here.  For harvesting purposes from EThOS & DART Europe and the like this will certainly help matters.  You can also subscribe to the collections RSS feed here.  It’s a collection that grows somewhere between 20-40 theses a month!

Theses in this collection are actually mirrored from their subject collections – so if you want to view only a specific department’s theses, then you simply need to view the community of interest.  Couldn’t be easier!

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300th Thesis

Posted by gazjjohnson on 4 August, 2010

We’ve passed a milestone for the LRA this week with the addition of the 300th new PhD ethesis onto the repository.  While we’ve got more than 300 theses on the LRA as a whole (525 actually as of today), many of these are older retrospective ones from before the 2008 introduction of a theses mandate from the University.

For interest here’s a link to the 300th one we added:

Andrew Robin Birley (2010) The nature and significance of extramural settlement at Vindolanda and other selected sites on the Northern Frontier of Roman Britain

Theses, as I’ve noted elsewhere, continue to be among our most popular items on the LRA, which is good for the author and the university too. My thanks to my team and everyone involved in the processing and ingest of this item.

Now on to our next 300!

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Sign(age)s and Portents

Posted by gazjjohnson on 5 November, 2008

Feeling chuffed right now as I’ve managed to get the digital signage here to obey my commands – and so now it’s displaying a new message as well as the standard stuff.  That seemed fairly easy now I know which buttons to press, though the software didn’t make it obvious I can certainly say!

Spent most of today teaching new sessions to the science postgrads on Databases and Endnote/RefWorks. A small but good bunch of students, all of whom bar one came to both sessions.  I have to say it’s been rather a herculaean effort to get all the handouts and lecture slides up and running; but well worth the while.  Like most first run sessions there were various things I felt could have been done better – but you generally only think of them once you’re live.  But since I made the sessions fairly informal I was able to slip them in every now and again as though they were pre-planned.

I think the only two real glitches we hit were Zetoc failing to work for anyone (so I’ve passed that onto Sheree) and some of the EndNote filters not quite working like I expected – something to go away and investigate post-hoc I think.

I’ll read through the feedback tomorrow, once I start working on the Chemistry p/g sessions for next Wednesday – hoping to recycle a fair bit of info…

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