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Bloggy review meeting

Posted by gazjjohnson on 28 August, 2008

The four of us (Selina, Sarah, Keith and myself) had a meeting this morning to reflect back on the development of this blog, and how we move into the next phase for it.  Looking at the posting stats we were quite pleased to see that we’ve had an average of 1 post every two days (or .75 posts/day if you only count the week days) which isn’t a bad ratio.  Goodly amount of discussion and comment too.

Major things we decided were:

  • To continue with the blog as an internal reflective tool for library staff
  • To appraise management of our experiences so far
  • To invite a select group of additional people to start reading, commenting or posting (our Population II Group)

There were one or two other matters, mostly in terms of layout and design as well, which I’ll tweak shortly.  But all in all we agreed that this had been a very useful tool for expanding our individual knowledge of developments and issues across the UoL library service.  Come the end of October we’ll look back at it again, and consider what the next phase should comprise – potentially making it available to all lib-staff to read at the least.

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About a blog

Posted by gazjjohnson on 24 July, 2008

I had a very productive meeting with Keith, Sarah and Sue Wednesday morning talking about various Biology related matters.  It’s always nice to stroll down to the ClinSci library, though I wish I’d remembered that we were meeting first thing before I trudged into the DWL Office first.  Would have saved on shoe leather.

One of the things we did talk about, that wasn’t strictly biological related was this blog itself.  We agreed that we’d:

  • Meet in about three weeks to review the progress so far.
  • Invite all those who came to the Web 2.0 day from the library to become contributors/readers.
  • Consider the longer term plans for the blogs usage.
  • Review the blogs progress after a further month.

I’ve a feeling organising this meeting will fall on Sarah or myself!

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