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Posted by knockels on 2 October, 2008

What, another posting on the same day?   The rules of blogging lie shattered on the ground.

This website comes from the IMPALA project, involving Beyond Distance and GENIE, and so, very much a University of Leicester thing.  It offers podcasts to help people adjust to university life – on all sorts of topics, including money management (potentially useful to more than just students), and teaching and learning.  I listened to that one, and despite the introduction not mentioning libraries, one of the students did, in a good way.

Most of the speakers are biological sciences undergraduate students, perhaps showing the GENIE input (GENIE is the genetics centre of excellence in teaching and learning – you might not know that, so apologies for not mentioning it before) but the site thinks, and I see no reason why this should not be so, that the podcasts will be of more general interest.

Now, maybe for some podcasts explaining in two minutes how to … walk from the main site to CSL? … or find a particular part of the David Wilson Library?    Or, to return to an earlier theme, to talk about what the library can do for you (“you” would perhaps need to be very specific)?

Site is at: (this redirects to a site).

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