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Webometrics July 2010

Posted by gazjjohnson on 7 July, 2010

The Webometrics scores are out for July 2010 and interestingly while the LRA has dropped down globally to 240th HEI-IR; we have remained at 16th in the UK.  Talking to some other repository managers it seems that this is something that’s happened to quite a few others – our national rankings unchanged, but globally slipping back a little.  I’d be interested to know which countries have done better than last time, if anyone’s got a spare bit of time to do some statistical analysis…

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UK Institutional Repository Rankings – July 2009 Edition

Posted by gazjjohnson on 3 August, 2009

The Webometrics site  half yearly update of their ranking of world repositories is available.  For information on how they calculate their metric see here.  For further interest here’s the ranking of the top UK based institutional repositories, I’ve put their global score in brackets at the end, and those with mandates (as listed on ROARMAP)  in italics.

  1. University of Cambridge (22)
  2. University of Oxford (42)
  3. University College London (51)
  4. University of Edinburgh (71)
  5. University of Southampton (74)
  6. University of Warwick (123)
  7. University of Glasgow (131)
  8. University of Manchester (160)
  9. University of Leeds (White Rose) (167)
  10. University of Birmingham (187)
  11. University of Nottingham (212)
  12. LSE (215)
  13. Open University (222)
  14. Imperial College (225)
  15. University of Bristol (232)
  16. University of York (White Rose) (239)
  17. Newcastle University (253)
  18. Lancaster University (261)
  19. University of Sheffield (265)
  20. Durham University (302)
  21. King’s College London (255)
  22. University of Bath (309)
  23. University of Essex (328)
  24. Herriot-Watt University (344)
  25. University of Liverpool (366)
  26. University of Aberdeen (373)
  27. University of St Andrews (376)
  28. University of Leicester (383)
  29. University of Surrey (406)
  30. University of Kent (424)
  31. University of Strathclyde (438)
  32. UEA (476)
  33. Cardiff University (478)
  34. University of Sussex (486)
  35. University of Reading (494)
  36. Loughborough University (499)
  37. University of Exeter (501)
  38. Queen Mary University of London (518)
  39. Manchester Metropolitan University (527)
  40. Queen’s University Belfast (537)
  41. Aberystwyth (547)
  42. University of Dundee (592)
  43. University of Brighton (626)
  44. Royal Holloway (628)
  45. De Montfort University (640)
  46. University of Stirling (644)
  47. City University London (669)
  48. University of Salford (671)
  49. Brunel University (678)
  50. University of Westminster (685)

You can see the whole list of UK Institutional Repositories’ ranks here.  Contrasted with last timethe LRA has dropped down the list somewhat – with detailed metrics for our repository giving us the following changes in the sub-rankings for Leicester.

  July 09 Jan 09
Size 877 222
Visibility 378 186
Rich Files 363 125
Scholarly 422 125

 The most drastic change seems to be in terms of size, where a lot of repositories have clearly begun to be filled at a considerably advanced rate.  How the recent mandate at Leicester will affect these figures in the next 6 months will bear watching.

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We’re number….

Posted by gazjjohnson on 27 January, 2009

Well according to this site, the LRA ranks 148th in the world of institutional repositories overall. It gives stats on size (222nd), visibility (186th), rich files (125th) and Scholar (125th).  We’re 15th in the UK.  Digging into the back files for the site I see they’ve calculated these figures as follows:

  • Size (S). Number of pages recovered from the four largest engines: Google, Yahoo, Live Search and Exalead.
  • Visibility (V). The total number of unique external links received (inlinks) by a site can be only confidently obtained from Yahoo Search and Exalead.
  • Rich Files (R). Only the number of text files in Acrobat format (.pdf) extracted from Google and Yahoo are considered.
  • Scholar (Sc). Using Google Scholar database we calculate the mean of the normalised total number of papers and those (recent papers) published between 2001 and 2008.

IMHO I might argue that I don’t agree with how they calculate their metrics – while only 20% of the overall figure is made up from size, repositories that are stuffed full of metadata get an especial boost to the top.  Nor does it account for how useful the rich files are – a repository filled with images isn’t as rich as one storing research articles, books and data.  Quality over quantity if you ask me!

But it’s another site for the doubtless many metrics fans across the UK HEI scene.  In case you’re wondering the site is based in Spain at the Cybermetrics Lab (research group) at the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC).

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