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Top LRA Items for September 2011

Posted by gazjjohnson on 5 October, 2011

Here they are, the most heavily accessed articles on the LRA from the past month (and with a newly added article topping the list as well).

  1. Reflective Social Portfolios for Feedback and Peer Mentoring (Cann, Alan James et al)
  2. Financial Development, Economic Growth and Stock Market Volatility: Evidence from Nigeria and South Africa (Ndako, Umar Bida)
  3. The propagation of VHF and UHF radio waves over sea paths (Sim, Chow Yen Desmond)
  4. High Performance Work Practices: Work Intensification or ‘Win-win’? (Sparham, Eimer et al)
  5. Optimal Number of Response Categories in Rating Scales: Reliability, Validity, Discriminating Power, and Respondent Preferences (Preston, Carolyn C. et al)
  6. Facebook, social integration and informal learning at university: ‘It is more for socialising and talking to friends about work than for actually doing work’ (Madge, Clare et al)
  7. Social inclusion, the museum and the dynamics of sectoral change (Sandell, Richard)
  8. The electrodeposition of composite materials using deep eutectic solvents (El ttaib, Khalid)
  9. Creative industries and cultural development: still a Janus face? (Gibson, Lisanne)
  10. Measuring the efficiency of European airlines: an application of DEA and Tobit Analysis (Fethi, Meryem Duygun et al)

And don’t forget you can follow all the new additions to the LRA on twitter – UoLLRA.

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Most used repository items for September 2010

Posted by gazjjohnson on 1 October, 2010

Here are the top 10 accessed items on the LRA in the past month

  1. Lead-free soldering alloys: microstructure optimization for electronic applications. Belyakov, Sergey  (Thesis)
  2. Saint Christopher Wall Paintings in English and Welsh Churches, c.1250-c.1500. Pridgeon , Eleanor Elizabeth (Thesis)
  3. Advanced control of photovoltaic converters. Liu. Ying (Thesis)
  4. Thai celebrity culture and the Bangkok teenage audience.  Thapthiang, Nuwan (Thesis)
  5. The Impact of Labour Turnover: Theory and Evidence from UK Micro-Data Garino. Gaia et al (Report)
  6. Human Rights in Turkey: A Comparative Perspective on Violation and Resolution. Straw, David William Matthew (Thesis)
  7. Succinct DOM. Delpratt, O’Neil et al (Conference Paper)
  8. A Study of Solidification Structure Evolution during Investment Casting of Ni-based Superalloy for Aero-Engine Turbine Blades. Dai, Huijuan (Thesis)
  9. Electrofinishing of metals using eutectic based ionic liquids. Abbott, A.P. et al (Article)
  10. Effects of Long-Term High Temperature Exposure on the Microstructure of Haynes Alloy 230. Veverková, Jana (Thesis)

What is notable is the high proportion of theses getting a heady use on the repository – they are around 10% of the collection as a total, but unlike the 44% full-text items as a whole for the LRA, around 99.9% of theses on the repository are available in full text.  They’re also a unique research resource that is otherwise very much underused.  In contrast theses from Leicester on Ethos appear to be used around 1/10 as often, which is perhaps not a big surprise given the requirement to register before accessing any of their content.

Meanwhile the top countries accessing the LRA last month were as follows (no change from last month):

  1. UK
  2. USA
  3. India
  4. Australia
  5. Germany

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