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Sharing the Web 2.0 experience

Posted by gazjjohnson on 20 July, 2009

In between heading off to what seems like a conference a week at the moment, I’ve taken a moment to share some of my experiences on Web 2.0 with the JISC SIS Landscape study.  You can read my comments in full, though regular readers of this blog will be pretty familiar with them.  I’m one (of a few) case studies they’re doing as a follow up to their original survey, with lecturers, libraries and institutions all getting a few more details in.   Speaking with one of the as yet unrevealed other case study people I know that more of the individual studies will be going live over this week, so it’s probably worth checking back over the next week (or using one of those new-fangled RSS feeds) to see when the new material is added.

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