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A Twitter Story

Posted by AJ Cann on 1 August, 2008



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About a blog

Posted by gazjjohnson on 24 July, 2008

I had a very productive meeting with Keith, Sarah and Sue Wednesday morning talking about various Biology related matters.  It’s always nice to stroll down to the ClinSci library, though I wish I’d remembered that we were meeting first thing before I trudged into the DWL Office first.  Would have saved on shoe leather.

One of the things we did talk about, that wasn’t strictly biological related was this blog itself.  We agreed that we’d:

  • Meet in about three weeks to review the progress so far.
  • Invite all those who came to the Web 2.0 day from the library to become contributors/readers.
  • Consider the longer term plans for the blogs usage.
  • Review the blogs progress after a further month.

I’ve a feeling organising this meeting will fall on Sarah or myself!

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Web 2.0 Training Day at the Library

Posted by sarahw9 on 16 July, 2008

David Wilson Library

Still fresh from the web 2.0 training day  last Thursday a group of web 2.0 enthusiast subject librarians have decided to cultivate an active blog.  Yes we want people to take part.  UoL Library Blog is intended initially for library staff at the University of Leicester to share news and ideas, but who knows, we may expand.

Back to the web 2 training day, there was lots of positive feedback which is always nice,  and a few interesting points:

  • Facebook – should we go beyond the ‘corporate’ page approach?  Probably not, but how do our personal identities / work identities blend together?
  • RSS feed readers: should we be writing this into our training (esp Outlook in Windows 07). I expect you are going to tell me you already do / have.
  • Twitter – I am trying to sort out getting Thwirl installed (we need administrator access) – if there are no ‘technical’ hitches.

There will be a follow up session in the Autumn.  Any suggestions for things we could include are more than welcome.

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