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Social web experiences

Posted by gazjjohnson on 12 March, 2010

I realise it has been a few days since the last post on the blog, but then as term has picked up it’s been a busy time for everyone at the library.  As we approach the Easter break I’m hopeful that there will be time for more posts from myself and my various compatriots on what they’ve been up to in recent weeks.

For my own part I’ve had my head down dealing with the various elements that make up the section I manage, along with a couple of things I’ll be able to talk more about next week.  I did enjoy  making a (brief) visit to the UoL tweetup last Friday.  Being in a such a disparate group of  academics, librarians, administrators and even a visitor from DMU with such a shared interest made for some lively discussion.  Really helps once in a while to push the virtual away and move into the physical.

This morning I’ve been thinking back to that meet up, as I’ve been asked to go and talk about Web 2 here at Leicester from my library perspective next week in Nottingham, on behalf of UKOLN.  Short notice, but as I was one of their interviewees a year ago there seems to be thankfully quite a bit there I can draw on.  I’m trying to avoid the temptation to go to down the preaching route and try and base my talk around the more concrete elements that Web 2 has developed here at Leicester; along with a few life lessons on good netiquette that have evolved along the way.

To kick off writing the presentation yesterday I made a sketch map of my own, personal, Web 2 presence and how it all interacts.  After a few minutes my piece of paper was covered in red ink (my prefered working medium).  I’m not sure if this picture will make it into the final presentation (a version of it anyway) but it did rather neatly illustrate the different roles the different social web services play in my professional and personal life.

I’m looking forward to hearing what other people in LIS services have been doing, and what’s worked for them and perhaps more importantly what hasn’t and why.  These shared experiences are always invaluable for thinking about what we could try next, or even what we should hold back from trying.


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An author’s guide to blogging – some help & guidance

Posted by gazjjohnson on 4 September, 2008

As noted earlier we pioneering 4 wanted to expand out our test community to include a few more people, and hopefully by now you’ve had a chance to read the various emails I’ve sent out about it.

One thing we didn’t cover in the emails were any house rules and regulations for authors and commentors.  This blog is very much an informal knowledge exchange tool, which means we try to keep the tone light, informative and professional. It isn’t an appropriate place to air any inflammatory issues; rather it is a space to seek comment and input to areas you’re working on or to share/reflect on your own experiences. It is also a useful place to post links to articles or reports that are of interest to the library community.  We 4 have certainly learned quite a bit over the past couple of months already.

If you’ve never written for or read a blog before, we’d recommend following some of the links in the Blogroll(on the left) to see the tone and style adopted by other academic bloggers.  It might be that you’re actually a long time blogger with a different hat on (personally I’m into my 5th year of blogging now), in which case the four of us would like to invite you to start contributing sooner rather than later.  Don’t be afraid – no one is going to call you stupid!

I’ll leave you with Johnson’s good blogging conduct rules of thumb, which I’ll expect you all to inwardly digest and be able to quote from heart by next month:

  • Keep posts/comments short, light and readable (yes this post probably fails that test)
  • Don’t stress over the grammar – better out than in!
  • If you think it’s interesting, chances are someone else on staff does too and will benefit from it.
  • Add tags freely and plentiful – use categories sparingly (and please ask if you want to add more categories!)
  • Try and blog at least twice a month if not more – the more voices the blog has the more valuable and enjoyable it will be
  • Try and comment on at least one post a week – I will be keeping score.
  • There is no such thing as a bad post…(well almost)
  • If you’re unsure about anything- just ask me, Keith, Selina or Sarah
  • AND remember: anyone in the world could read your post/comment…so never blog anything you wouldn’t be prepared to stand up in the middle of a crowded room and shout about!

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